I'm very pleased and honoured to announce that SAE International (www.sae.org) have acquired the rights to publish my book.  The new title is "Servitization and Physical Asset Management": copies can be ordered from https://www.sae.org/publications/books/content/r-479


"Everything Works Wonderfully", my self-published book, is now out of print, having been around for four and a half years after eighteen months of pulling the information together and six months of writing it up.  It was an interesting and challenging project writing a book documenting nearly forty years of work experience.  I recommend that everyone has a go at writing their own history: it's hard work, but you won't regret it!



People seem to like the book... Thanks very much for your kind words!

Should any readers want to make notes while studying the book, the following 16-page pdf contains Notes Pages that can be used in addition to (or instead of) the Notes Pages in the book.  Potential users are recommended to print this out as an A4 or A5 booklet.


Everything Works Wonderfully Notes Pages
EWW Notes.pdf
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