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You've designed and developed your products. What next?

  • How do you ensure that they will work the way you want them to?
  • How do you find out how they actually work in the field?
  • How do you delight your customers and build solid relationships with them?
  • How do you avoid becoming just another commodity producer, competing purely on price?
  • How do you turn your efforts into long-term business value?

Many firms now realise that they need to sell solutions to customer problems, rather than just products: this change of mind-set is called Servitization.  It requires you to move from a 'make it and sell it' mentality to one that considers what your customers' needs really are and how to help your customers operate and manage the products they buy from you over the long term to achieve their business objectives.


As Rolls-Royce, MAN Trucks, Caterpillar, Xerox, Alstom, GE and many others have discovered, the benefits from making this transition are genuinely transformative:-

  • Enhanced revenue - increases of between 2x and 4x have been reported;
  • Improved margins - increases of between 3x and 10x have been reported;
  • Significant and sustainable business growth - increases of 5%-10%/year have been reported;
  • Increased market share - can your competitors match you or catch you?
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction - you are selling them what they really want;
  • More repeat business - your customers like you, and keep coming back for more;
  • More predicable income streams - from revenue 'lumpiness' to recession-beating annuity;
  • Improved business reputation - you are seen to consistently deliver benefits to stakeholders.

Servitization increases business growth by up to 10% whilst reducing customers' costs by over 25%, according to interviews with 33 key executives by the Aston University Business School.  All companies, from smallest to largest, can reap the benefits of Servitization.

Adoption of servitization can be inhibited by a lack of awareness: the transition from pure manufacturing requires nurturing by people skilled in its implementation.  How do you go about this?  A great deal has been written about Servitization and Physical Asset Management, but much of it is unstructured and written in language that is hard to understand.  However, help is at hand...


EVERYTHING WORKS WONDERFULLY is a 298-page A4 softback book written to provide a structured source of guidance and reference information on Servitization and the management of physical assets for people at all levels in industry:

  • Senior executives considering the expansion of their businesses into the provision of Asset Management services for the products they design and manufacture;

  • Middle management wishing to know what needs to be done to look after the assets they are responsible for and who to approach for help;

  • ‘Hands-on’ engineers looking for contacts and advice on detailed tools and techniques.

    Academics may also find the book useful as a source of contacts and ideas for research.

As well as giving high-level overviews of many Asset Management issues, the book refers to nearly 1,200 books, magazine articles, papers and presentations (many freely available on the internet) and websites that the author has found useful over the last three decades of analysis, monitoring and Asset Management of gas turbines, railways and clean energy systems.


Please click on the hyperlink below to download a PDF file containing book details and two of the chapters.


Everything Works Wonderfully Introductory Brochure
EWW Snippets Version 3.pdf
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What's behind the title?


I'm often asked why I called the book EVERYTHING WORKS WONDERFULLY.  I wanted to emphasise that the end result of Servitization is the proper functioning of everything (assets, supporting systems, communications, relationships, businesses, etc) that affects customer and supplier business outcomes, not just hardware and software...  Servitization is not just an IT or technology issue!

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